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Activities comparing dances from Korea, India and China

India/China/ Korea

Dance Video 3

This is another dance video for you to watch.

Dance Video 2

Now have a look at this dance. Identify the similarities and differences to Dance Video 1.

Dance video 1

Watch this video and see if you can identify where this dance comes from.

Exploring Performing Arts in Asia

Welcome to the Performing Arts in Asia blog….

As you explore the site and you experience the diversity of Asian Arts think about these questions:

    • What makes a great performance?
    • What do you see?
    • How is Performing Arts in Asia different…. the same?
    • What do you enjoy most? Why?
    • Here’s a great site to get you started.
    • here is another Studies of Asia site.
    • and another useful resource on netvibes.
    • here’s a handy set of notes